Summer Details Project Part 1 by Madyson Floyd

I've challenged myself to a summer project in which I pick up my camera once a day when I find something that screams summer to me.  What made me want to commit myself to this project was to push myself to photograph something that I might see everyday or every summer but find a different more interesting perspective or way to shoot it.  That might mean changing my framing, lighting, the edit, and more.  I want to document summer 2018 for my family but make the every day look extraordinary and challenge myself to see in a different way and thus growing during the process.

So, here are the first 30 days or our 60 days of Summer Details...

A morning with the Reeds by Madyson Floyd


I immediately connected with this family's story.  Starting the day off is one of the busiest most emotional parts of the day.  I know this well.  Trying to get your family fed and dressed and then yourself is no easy task, and this Dad handled it with ease.  Getting a brush through baby girl's hair this morning in this household was almost as tearful as saying goodbye to Daddy as he left for work.  Then, watching him drive away from the window in the front living room brought more crocodile tears streaming down her face.  However, mom was quick to come in with comfort and reassurance that Daddy will be home in the evening.  Then, a fun piggy toe game distracted her mind enough to continue the rest of the morning with delightful dancing while mama nursed baby sis.

What an honor it was to create such beautiful memories with this family!